General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 21G Massachusetts Water Management Act - Section 20 Persons engaged in business of digging or drilling wells; certification; reports

Section 20. No person shall engage in the business of digging or drilling wells within the commonwealth unless he has filed a certification with the department. Each person intending to engage in said business shall certify annually with said department and upon payment of a fee determined annually by the department shall be issued a certificate indicating that he is so certified. Said certification shall be sufficient authority for any said person to engage in the business of digging or drilling wells anywhere within the commonwealth and no further licensing or certification shall be required; provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall prohibit the appropriate local authority in any city or town from requiring any person engaged in the digging or drilling of private wells to obtain a site permit in accordance with terms and conditions which ensure health and safety and said city or town may charge said person a reasonable fee for said site permit as determined by the city or town.

Pursuant to chapter thirty A, the department shall adopt such regulations as it deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. Such regulations shall not be subject to section 3 of this chapter. Within thirty days after completion of any well by digging or drilling, the person engaged in the business of digging or drilling wells shall submit a report to the department setting forth such information as may be required under said rules and regulations.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015