General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 21J Underground Storage Tank Petroleum
Product Cleanup Fund - Section 11 Claims procedures; civil actions

Section 11. Claims submitted to the board pursuant to this chapter, and procedures for acting on such claims, shall not be adjudicatory proceedings and shall not be subject to those provisions of chapter thirty A, or any other law, governing adjudicatory proceedings. Any owner or operator aggrieved by the denial of a claim or any other action of the board on a claim may bring a civil action in the nature of certiorari pursuant to section four of chapter two hundred forty-nine; provided, however, that the action shall be commenced within thirty days of the date of the determination or other action of the board. No action may be brought pursuant to this section or any other law where the denial of a claim or any other action on a claim was based solely on insufficient available funds.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015