General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 21M Vessel Traffic Service - Section 4 Tank vessel; requirements

Section 4. (a) A tank vessel operating within the waters of the commonwealth shall be subject to this section.

The navigation watch on all tow vessels transiting Buzzards bay and carrying 6,000 or more barrels of oil shall consist of at least 1 licensed deck officer or tow vessel operator, who shall serve exclusively as a lookout with no other concurrent duties. This duty shall be carried out on a watch station in a safe location which allows sight and hearing of all navigational hazards and the tow vessel operator. The names of each navigation watch member shall be logged in the deck log as the member assumes duties.

Three licensed officers or tow vessel operators shall be on a tow vessel whenever the vessel is towing, whether by pushing or pulling, a tank barge carrying 6,000 or more barrels of oil in Buzzards Bay. Tow vessel operators shall maintain a list of crew members while towing a tank barge in Buzzards Bay.

(b) Crew requirements for tank barges shall consist of 2 personnel, 1 of whom shall be a certified tanker-man under 46 CFR subpart 12.20 who shall be on the tank barge at all times when the tank barge is underway, anchored or moored in the waters of Buzzards bay, unless the tank barge is not equipped to accommodate personnel on board or is carrying less than 6,000 barrels of oil.

(c) A tank barge which is underway, anchored or moored in the waters of Buzzards bay and which does not fulfill the minimum manning safety standards as stated in this section, shall be in violation of this chapter unless such tank barge has a double hull.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015