General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 22C The Department of State Police - Section 11 Appointment for initial enlistment; competitive examination; eligible list

Section 11. Each appointment for initial enlistment as a uniformed member of the state police shall be made from a list established as the result of a competitive examination conducted under the direction of the colonel, after consultation with the personnel administrator, who shall determine their form, method and subject matter. Each such competitive examination shall fairly test the knowledge, skills, and abilities which can be fairly and reliably measured and which are actually required to perform the primary or dominant duties of the position of uniformed member of the state police.

The names of persons who pass such examinations for appointment for initial enlistment as a uniformed member shall be placed on an eligible list in the order of their respective scores; provided however, that veterans shall receive two additional points to their score on the examination for the purpose of such eligible list; and provided, further, that the son or daughter of any uniformed member who passes the written examination for such initial enlistment shall have his or her name placed on said eligible list for such initial enlistment if said uniformed member while in the performance of his duties was killed or sustained injuries which resulted in his death.

Any appointment for such initial enlistment shall be made from the first three names on such list who are eligible for such appointment and are willing to accept such appointment.

The colonel shall make rules and regulations relative to the right of any applicant for appointment for enlistment to the department of state police to appeal (i) a marking of the applicant’s answers to the questions on such promotional examination; (ii) a finding by the colonel that an applicant does not meet the entrance requirements for such examination or exceeds the mandatory entrance age for enlistment; and (iii) the suitability of a question to test the fitness of such member to perform the primary and dominant duties of the position for which the examination was held. The colonel shall promulgate regulations specifying the time within which any vacancy in the department shall be filled.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015