General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 23H Workforce Development - Section 6 Administration of system of free public employment offices by the director of career services

Section 6. (a) The director of career services shall administer the system of free public employment offices established in sections 160 to 168A, inclusive, of chapter 149.

(b) Said department shall have control of the establishment, maintenance and operation of free public employment offices of the commonwealth and shall co-operate with the Massachusetts rehabilitation commission in the placement of handicapped persons under the provisions of section 81 of chapter 6. The department shall be the state agency for co-operation with the United States Employment Service under chapter 49 of the acts of the 73rd congress, session I, known as the Wagner-Peyser act, and shall have all the powers of such an agency as specified in said act.

The director shall assure that all information secured as an incident to the public employment service program is used solely for the purpose of administering the commonwealth system of public employment offices as part of a national system of public employment offices, except that such information may be disclosed for other purposes in accordance with policies promulgated by the secretary of labor and workforce development, provided that such disclosure will not impede the operation of or be inconsistent with the purposes of the public employment service program, or where such disclosure is otherwise authorized or required by law. Whoever discloses such information other than as required or authorized by law shall be subject to the penalty set forth in section 46 of chapter 151A.

(c) The director, in consultation with the secretary, shall divide the commonwealth into employment districts. Subject to appropriation, he may establish and maintain such additional free public employment offices as he may find necessary. The director may contract with one-stop operators, certified in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 105-220, to provide such offices and shall have all the powers of such an agency as specified in said act. In addition, the director shall consult with the director of the department of unemployment assistance to determine the share of the capital and operating expenses of said offices necessary or convenient for the proper administration of chapter 151A. The department of unemployment assistance shall reimburse the department of career services for said share. Said offices shall be available for the payment of benefits, presentation of claims, registration of the unemployed, action to procure employment for the unemployed, and for the proper administration of chapter 151A.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015