General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 23K The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Se Fee or Tax; Penalties. - Section 28 Complimentary services, gifts, cash, or other items of value

Section 28. (a) No gaming licensee shall offer to provide any complimentary services, gifts, cash or other items of value to any person unless the complimentary item consists of a room, food, beverage, transportation or entertainment expenses provided directly to the patron and the patron’s guests by the gaming licensee or indirectly to the patron and the patron’s guests on behalf of a third party or the complimentary item consists of coins, tokens, cash or other complimentary items or services provided through a complimentary distribution program which shall be filed and approved by the commission upon the implementation of the program or maintained under regulation.

(b) Gaming licensees shall submit quarterly reports to the commission covering all complimentary services offered or engaged in by the gaming licensee during the immediately preceding quarter. The reports shall identify regulated complimentary services and the costs of those services, the number of people who received each service or item and such other information as the commission may require. The report shall also document any services or items valued in excess of $2,000 that were provided to patrons, including detailed reasons as to why they were provided.

(c) Complimentary services or items shall be valued in an amount based upon the retail price normally charged by the gaming licensee for the service or item. The value of a complimentary service or item not normally offered for sale by a gaming licensee or provided by a third party on behalf of a gaming licensee shall be the cost to the gaming licensee of providing the service or item, as determined under rules adopted by the commission.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015