General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 30 General Provisions Relative to State Departments, Commissions, Officers and Employees - Section 63 Notice to state secretary; specifications; report

Section 63. Every holder, as that term is defined in section one of chapter sixty-six A, shall, on or before September first, nineteen hundred and seventy-six, or upon the subsequent establishment, termination, or change in the character of such personal data system, file with the state secretary a notice which shall specify:—

(a) the name of the system;

(b) the nature and purpose of the system;

(c) the number of persons on whom data are or are expected to be maintained;

(d) the categories of data maintained, or to be maintained, indicating which categories are or will be stored in an automated personal data system;

(e) the agency’s policies and practices regarding data storage, retention of data, and disposal thereof;

(f) the categories of data sources;

(g) a description of types of uses made or to be made of data, including a description of all classes of users of such data;

(h) a description of the actions taken to comply with chapter sixty-six A; and

(i) the name, title, and business address of the individual immediately responsible for the system.

The state secretary shall, at least once annually, publish a report containing all of the notices filed pursuant to this section during said year. Such report and the separate notices shall be a public record as defined in paragraph twenty-six of section seven of chapter four.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015