General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 34 Counties and County Commissioners - Section 18 Recognizances and damages

Section 18. The commissioners shall require all applicants for the award of damages or the performance of any other official act in which the county has no interest to recognize to the county, with sureties to their satisfaction, for the payment of all costs and expenses accruing to the county by reason of their application and the proceedings thereon, which shall be added to the damages, if any, assessed in consequence thereof. If an application is dismissed and costs are chargeable to the petitioner, they shall be taxed for each commissioner at the rate of three dollars a day, and five cents a mile for travel to and from the place of meeting, and paid to the county. If the persons recognizing refuse or neglect, when required by the commissioners, to pay such costs and expenses, the commissioners may, after notice to the persons who so recognized, issue a warrant against them or some of them, unless sufficient cause is shown to the contrary, for the amount ordered to be paid by them, with the further costs of the notice and warrant, and the money shall be collected and paid into the county treasury.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015