General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 39 Municipal Government - Section 12 Persons authorized to call meetings upon refusal of selectmen

Section 12. If the selectmen unreasonably refuse to call a town meeting, a justice of the peace, upon written application of one hundred registered voters or of ten per cent of the total number of registered voters of the town, may call a meeting by a warrant under his hand, stating the subjects to be acted upon, directed to the constables of the town if there are any, otherwise to any of the persons applying therefor, directing them to summon the inhabitants qualified to vote in town affairs to assemble at the time and place and for the purposes expressed in the warrant. In a town having a form of representative town meeting government a special town meeting called under this section shall be conducted as a representative town meeting, and notice thereof shall be given to the town meeting members as provided by law.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015