General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 40B Regional Planning - Section 25 Council; officers; meetings; rules of procedure; report; treasurer’s bond; powers and duties

Section 25. The council shall elect annually by and from its members a president, vice-president, secretary and a treasurer, each of whom shall hold his office until his successor is elected and qualified. Election of said officers shall be held annually in the month of May, and the officers elected shall commence their terms on the fourth Wednesday of May.

The council shall meet three times a year at the call of the president and at such other times as the council may determine.

It shall establish rules of procedure for its activities and the activities of the executive committee and shall keep a record of its meetings, transactions, resolutions, findings and determinations, all of which shall be a public record. The council shall make an annual report to the general court.

The treasurer shall give the council a bond, with a surety company authorized to transact business in the commonwealth as surety, for the faithful performance of his duties in such sum and upon such conditions as the council may require.

The council shall maintain the fullest cooperation with cities and towns in the district and shall render them all possible assistance in their planning activities, especially when two or more of the municipalities have common problems.

The council shall have and exercise the same powers and duties of the regional planning and economic development district as set forth in section fourteen.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015