General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 40J Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation - Section 4D Microelectronics center; essential tasks

Section 4D. In furtherance of the revised public purpose of the corporation as set forth in section one A of this chapter, the mission of the microelectronics center shall hereinafter be deemed to include the following essential tasks:

(a) to continue to support and challenge the engineering universities of the commonwealth to provide a world-class, hands-on educational experience for their students in semiconductor technology which remains responsive to the needs of industry and the rapid pace and changing direction of the technology;

(b) to otherwise aggressively employ the full breadth of the center’s institutional resources, including the forum provided by the corporation’s board, the center’s significant physical and technical resources, and the resources and strengths of the center’s participating universities, to discharge the essential governmental functions set forth in section 4B and elsewhere in this chapter and thereby support firms in the electronics and related industries to maintain, expand and locate their business activities in the commonwealth and create and retain increased and more rewarding employment opportunities for the citizens hereof; and

(c) to position the center to defray its expenses of administration and operation in a manner wholly self-sufficient of regular, annual maintenance funding thereof through a comprehensive program of cost reduction, increased support from participating businesses and universities, the aggressive pursuit of federal and industry grants, and the full exploitation of the revenue generation potential of its essential governmental functions.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015