General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 43 City Charters - Section 44A Preliminary elections; contents of notices

Section 44A. In every city, governed on September first, nineteen hundred and twenty-two, by any plan provided by this chapter, which accepts sections forty-four A to forty-four G, inclusive, in the manner provided by section forty-four H, and in every city, except Boston, which, after said date adopts any such plan, except Plan E or F, in the manner provided in this chapter, the provisions of sections forty-four A to forty-four G, inclusive, shall apply. In such a city, on the fourth Tuesday preceding every regular or special city election, unless the mayor and aldermen fix an earlier day under section one hundred and three P of chapter fifty-four, there shall be held, except as otherwise provided in section forty-four G, a preliminary election for the purpose of nominating candidates therefor, and section sixteen shall not apply.

Notices or warrants for regular, preliminary and special elections shall specify by name all the offices to be voted for and state, in the form in which it will appear upon the ballot, any question submitted to the voters. They shall specify the time when the polls will be opened and when the polls will be closed. The polls at such elections shall be open during such hours as the city council may prescribe; provided, that they shall be opened not earlier than fifteen minutes before six o’clock in the forenoon nor later than ten o’clock in the forenoon and shall be kept open at least six hours, but in no event later than eight o’clock in the evening. The ballots to be used at such elections shall be governed by the provisions of section forty-nine.

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