General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 58 General Provisions Relative to Taxation - Section 15 Effect of determination; newly acquired land; state forests

Section 15. The valuation determined under sections thirteen and fourteen shall be in effect for the purposes of sections seventeen and seventeen A during the year in which such valuation is made and the 3 succeeding years, and until another valuation is made under said sections thirteen and fourteen, except that whenever land is acquired by the commonwealth or by county commissioners for the purposes set forth in section thirteen the commissioner shall adopt the assessed valuation of said land made in the year last preceding such acquisition, and such assessed valuation shall be the valuation of the land for the purposes of said sections seventeen and seventeen A, until a new valuation is made by the commissioner or by the appellate tax board under said section thirteen or fourteen; provided, that as to land used for a state forest such assessed valuation shall be reduced by deducting therefrom the value of all forest products removed from such land between January first on which it was last assessed and January first in the year for which the reimbursement is to be made, the amount thereof to be certified annually before February first to the commissioner by the director of the division of forests and parks in the department of environmental management.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015