General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 64D Excise on Deeds, Instruments and Writings - Section 3A Funds at registries of deeds for purchase of excise stamps for sale, etc.

Section 3A. The county commissioners may draw and approve an order, which shall be certified by their clerk, directing the county treasurer to pay over to each register of deeds of his county an amount of money sufficient to meet the probable monthly requirements of each such registry for the handling of the adhesive stamps provided by section three of this chapter, to be used by said registers as a fund for the purchase, from time to time, of such stamps which may be kept and offered for sale at each such registry of deeds.

The proceeds from the sale of said stamps shall be paid into said fund and shall be used and re-used for the further purchase of said stamps, without further order and approval of the county commissioners, notwithstanding the provisions of sections ten, eleven and twenty-two of chapter thirty-five and of section thirty-nine of chapter thirty-six.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015