General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 7 Executive Office for Administration and Finance - Section 22J Restricted purchase list; persons doing business with Burma (Myanmar)

Section 22J. (a) The secretary shall establish and maintain a restricted purchase list. The restricted purchase list shall contain the names of all persons currently doing business with Burma (Myanmar).

(b) In establishing the restricted purchase list, the secretary shall consult United Nations reports, resources of the Investor Responsibility Research Center and the Associates to Develop Democratic Burma, and other reliable sources. The secretary shall also place the name of any person who, in the statement described in section twenty-two H, declared that he meets the criteria for being so listed.

(c) The restricted purchase list shall be updated at least once every three months.

(d) The secretary shall provide the lists to all state agencies and state authorities and to the house of representatives and to the senate.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015