General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 7 Executive Office for Administration and Finance - Section 28A Training and educational programs; officers and employees; managers; judges and court personnel; agreements

Section 28A. The said personnel administrator shall also, with advice and assistance from time to time from the principal appointing authorities of the commonwealth, organize or further develop, and generally direct, in every agency of the commonwealth so far as in his judgment feasible, programs for the training, encouragement and advancement of officers and employees serving in offices and positions required to be classified under section forty-five of chapter thirty.

The said personnel administrator, with the approval of the secretary, shall also organize, develop and generally direct a program or programs of training for the managers of the commonwealth which shall include an incentive pay plan based on credits for approved management training courses conducted by the Institute for Governmental Services at the University of Massachusetts or for courses completed at any other accredited public or private institution of higher education. Such program or programs may provide for a manager to be released from work assignments during normal working hours and for the payment of tuition and costs of required course materials; provided, however, that subject to appropriation, such program or programs shall be available to managers in all agencies of the commonwealth. Said personnel administrator shall establish a pay incentive plan.

Said administrator may enter into agreements with mayors of cities or, in cities having city managers, with city managers, and with boards of selectmen in towns, for in-service training programs for engineering employees of such cities and towns; provided that such agreements shall require that at least fifty per cent of the cost of such training shall be paid for by each respective city or town.

Said administrator may enter into agreements with the supreme judicial court, the chief justice of the trial court, the court administrator of the trial court, or the chief justices of the several departments of the trial court for programs for the continuing education of judges and other court personnel.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015