General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 7 Executive Office for Administration and Finance - Section 3B Determination of charges and fees for state personnel or agency services, private use of state-owned property, meals served in state institutions and other public functions

Section 3B. Each fiscal year, under a schedule promulgated by the secretary, the secretary: (1) shall determine the amount to be charged by the commonwealth for each service of any kind performed by any state personnel or agency which is primarily for the benefit of any individual person or corporation, other than services for patients in hospitals, clinics and other health facilities and services rendered by institutions of correction for inmates therein; (2) shall determine the charge to be made by the commonwealth for each use for private purposes or gain of state-owned buildings, houses, facilities, and equipment; (3) shall determine the charge to be made by the commonwealth for all meals served in state institutions or facilities to employees thereof; and, (4) shall determine the amount to be charged for any other service, registration, regulation, license, fee, permit or other public function; provided, however, that said secretary shall not determine the rates of tuition at state institutions of higher education or any fees or charges relative to the administration and operation of the trial court, appeals court, supreme judicial court or any other department of the judiciary of the commonwealth. Sixty days prior to the increase or decrease of any fee or the setting of any new fee, the secretary shall submit information relative to the purpose for the fee increase or decrease or new fee, and an estimate of the revenues to be raised or reduced thereby, to the senate and house committees on ways and means and the clerks of the house and the senate. Not less than thirty days prior to increasing or decreasing any fee, or setting any new fees, the secretary shall provide public notice of such fee changes and conduct a public hearing thereon, and shall consider any written comments received.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to fees set pursuant to section eighteen of chapter twenty-one A or section three B of chapter twenty-one E.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015