General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 7 Executive Office for Administration and Finance - Section 49 Public employee retirement administration commission; members; executive director

Section 49. (a) There shall be within the executive office of administration and finance, but not subject to its control, a public employee retirement administration commission consisting of seven members, three of whom shall be appointed by the governor, three of whom shall be appointed by the state auditor, and one of whom shall be chosen by the first six members and who shall be chairman. Of the three persons appointed by the governor, one shall be the governor or his designee, one shall be a representative of a public safety union, and one shall be qualified by having training and experience in the investment of funds as a result of having been principally employed in such occupation for a period of at least ten years. Of the three persons appointed by the state auditor, one shall be the state auditor or his designee, the president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO or his designee, and one shall be a representative of the Massachusetts Municipal Association. Each member of the commission shall serve for a term of five years; provided, however, that in making initial appointments, the governor and the state auditor shall each appoint one member for a term of three years and one member for a term of four years. The members shall serve without compensation but shall receive their necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their official duties. Upon the expiration of the term of an appointed member, or the chairman, or a vacancy otherwise created in said positions, the successor for said position shall be appointed in the manner aforesaid, or for the remainder of said term, whichever is applicable. In the event the representative of a public safety union or the designee of the president of the Massachusetts AFL/CIO is a public employee, he or she shall be granted leave, without loss of pay or benefits and without being required to make up lost time, if on duty, for regularly scheduled work hours while in the performance of responsibilities of the commission. The public employee retirement administration commission shall select an executive director, and enter into an employment contract with said director. The provisions of sections nine A, forty-five, forty-six, and forty-six C of chapter thirty, chapter thirty-one, and chapter one hundred and fifty E shall not apply to the executive director or any other employee of the commission.

(b) Four members of the board shall constitute a quorum; provided however, that a majority of members present and voting shall be needed to approve any motions.

(c) The executive director shall, with the approval of the commission:

(i) plan, direct, coordinate and execute administrative functions in conformity with the policies and directives of the commission;

(ii) employ an actuary, a general counsel and other employees as necessary, prescribe their duties and fix their compensation; provided, however, that the salaries of such employees shall not exceed the sum annually approved therefor by the commission; and

(iii) report to the commission on all operations under his control and supervision.

(d) The commission shall adopt an annual budget and supplemental budgets as deemed necessary by the said commission. Said budgets shall be funded from the investment income account of the state employees and state teachers’ system.

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