General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 7 Executive Office for Administration and Finance - Section 6F Coordinator of flexible hours employment within human resources division; plans or programs; report

Section 6F. There shall be a coordinator of flexible hours employment within the human resources division who shall work on the development, implementation and oversight of plans for the utilization, within all executive agencies, of persons who choose to be employed for a reduced number of hours per week and for the recruitment of such persons for civil service and non-civil service employment. All state agencies shall report to the coordinator the progress of implementation of any flexible hours plan in such agency. Such reports shall be filed on a semi-annual basis, beginning six months from the effective date of such program. Such reports shall include:

(1) The number of regular part-time employees currently employed and the percentage of the full-time workforce represented by this number;

(2) The agency policy for full-time employees who wish to convert to part-time status;

(3) Agency plans to increase the number and scope and grade range of part-time employees during the next reporting period;

(4) Extent of flextime programs in the agency.

The coordinator shall recommend to said department such action, including the submission of legislation and the making of rules, as shall be necessary from time to time in order to implement a plan or plans for flexible hours employment and in order to secure for flexible hours employees the normal advantages of their positions, including without limitation vacation time, sick leave, maternity leave, bonuses, advancement, seniority, length of service credit, benefits and participation in benefit plans or programs. The coordinator shall make an annual report to the personnel administrator containing information as to the activities of the program during the preceding year. Such report shall be a public record, and copies of it shall be furnished to the governor and to the state library.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015