General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 71 Public Schools - Section 55A Sick, injured or incapacitated pupils; procedure for handling; emergency first aid or transportation; exemption from civil liability

Section 55A. A child showing signs of ill health or of being infected with a disease dangerous to the public health as defined in accordance with section six of chapter one hundred and eleven shall be sent home immediately, or as soon as safe and proper conveyance can be found, or shall be referred to a school physician, who may direct that such child be sent home. In the case of schools remotely situated, such other steps may be taken as will best effectuate the purpose of this section and ensure the safety of such child and other pupils. The superintendent of schools or collaborative director of a collaborative as set forth in section four E of chapter forty, shall immediately cause the board of health to be notified of all children excluded under this section by reason of any disease dangerous to the public health.

No public school teacher and no collaborative school teacher, no principal, secretary to the principal, nurse or other public school or collaborative school employee who, in good faith, renders emergency first aid or transportation to a student who has become injured or incapacitated in a public school or collaborative school building or on the grounds thereof shall be liable in a suit for damages as a result of his acts or omissions either for such first aid or as a result of providing such emergency transportation to a place of safety, nor shall such person be liable to a hospital for its expenses if under such emergency conditions he causes the admission of such injured or incapacitated student, nor shall such person be subject to any disciplinary action by the school committee, or collaborative board of such collaborative for such emergency first aid or transportation.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015