General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 80 Betterments - Section 4 Collection

Section 4. Within a reasonable time after making the assessment the board shall certify to the assessors the list of assessments upon land in each town who shall forthwith commit such assessments with their warrant to the collector of taxes thereof, and he shall forthwith send notice in accordance, except as to the date of notice, with section three of chapter sixty, to the person designated under section one as the owner of each parcel assessed, and any demand for the payment of such assessment shall be made upon such person. Except as otherwise herein provided, the collector shall have the same powers and be subject to the same duties with respect to such assessments as in the case of the annual taxes upon real estate, and the law in regard to the collection of the annual taxes, to the sale of land for the non-payment thereof and to redemption therefrom shall apply to assessments made under this chapter, so far as the same are applicable; but the owner of land assessed shall not be personally liable for the assessment thereon. Every collector of taxes receiving a list and warrant from the assessors shall collect the assessment therein set forth, and at such times as the assessors shall direct, or in the case of assessments relating to state funded projects, as the collector of taxes and the board determine shall pay over to the treasurer of the body politic on behalf of which the assessment was made the amounts collected by him.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015