General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 82 The Laying Out, Alteration, Relocation and Discontinuance of Public Ways, and Specific Repairs Thereon - Section 4 View of premises; adjudication

Section 4. They shall view the premises if they consider it expedient or if requested by any party interested; and shall hear the parties, either at the time of the view, at a regular or special meeting or at an adjournment thereof, as they determine; and as soon as may be after the hearing, they shall determine whether the laying out, altering, relocating, specific repairing, discontinuing or discontinuing maintenance of such highway is required by the common convenience and necessity. If they adjudicate that the action prayed for is not required by common convenience and necessity, the petition shall be dismissed; otherwise they shall proceed in the manner prescribed in section five.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015