General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 87 Shade Trees - Section 8 Trees on state highways

Section 8. The department of highways, in this chapter called the department, shall have the care and control of all trees, shrubs and growths within state highways, and may trim, cut or remove such trees, shrubs and growths, or license the trimming, cutting or removal thereof. No such tree, shrub or other growth shall be trimmed, cut or removed by any person other than an agent or employee of the department, even if he be the owner of the fee in the land on which such tree, shrub or growth is situated, except upon a permit in writing from the department. Any person injured in his property by the action of the department as to the trimming, cutting, removal or retention of any such tree, shrub or other growth, may recover the damages, if any, which he has sustained, from the commonwealth under chapter seventy-nine.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015