General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 90B Motorboats, Other Vessels and Recreational Vehicles - Section 12 Enforcement of chapter

Section 12. The provisions of this chapter and all rules and regulations made under the authority thereof shall be enforced by the director, deputy directors of enforcement, chiefs of enforcement, deputy chiefs of enforcement, environmental police officers and deputy environmental police officers of the division of law enforcement, department of fisheries, wildlife and environmental law enforcement, by harbor masters and assistant harbor masters, by police officers assigned to harbor patrol, by fish and game wardens, by members of the state police, and by city and town police officers assigned to patrol the waters of the commonwealth. For the purpose of such enforcement such officers may board any motorboat and may conduct an inspection thereof, including an examination of the certificate of number, and may require the operator of such motorboat to give his true and correct name and address. Whoever attempts to prevent any such officer from boarding such motorboat for the purpose of inspecting, or whoever attempts to prevent such officer from making an inspection of such boat, shall be punished as provided in section thirty-eight.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015