General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 90B Motorboats, Other Vessels and Recreational Vehicles - Section 33 Local or departmental regulation; trespassing

Section 33. Nothing contained in sections twenty-one to thirty-two, inclusive, shall be construed to supersede the powers of any department of the commonwealth, nor of any city, town, commission or body having authority to regulate the use of lands, waters or ways within their respective control, or jurisdiction from adopting rules, regulations, ordinances or by-laws not repugnant to law with respect to the operation of snow vehicles or recreation vehicles on such lands, waters or ways, including the prohibition of such operation, nor shall anything contained in said sections be deemed to constitute a license to operate said vehicle on private land. Any person who operates a snowmobile upon the land of another shall stop and identify himself upon the request of the landowner or his duly authorized representative, and, if requested to do so by the owner or representative, shall promptly remove said snowmobile from the premises.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015