General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 93F Regulation of Certain Business Practices Between Motion Picture Distributors and Exhibitors - Section 2 Blind bidding; trade screening

Section 2. Blind bidding is hereby prohibited within the commonwealth. No bids shall be returnable, no negotiations for the exhibition or licensing of a motion picture shall take place, and no license agreement or any of its terms shall be agreed to, for the exhibition of any motion picture before the motion picture has been trade screened within the commonwealth.

A distributor shall include in each invitation to bid for a motion picture for exhibition, if such motion picture has not already been trade screened within the commonwealth, the date, time and place of the trade screening of the motion picture within the commonwealth.

A distributor shall provide reasonable and uniform notice to exhibitors within the commonwealth of all trade screenings within the commonwealth of motion pictures he is distributing.

Any purported waiver of the requirements of this section shall be void and unenforceable.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015