General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 94C Controlled Substances Act - Section 42 Cooperation with federal and other state agencies

Section 42. The commissioner and the attorney general shall cooperate with federal and other state agencies in discharging their responsibilities concerning traffic in controlled substances and in suppressing the abuse of controlled substances. To this end they may:

(1) Arrange for the exchange of information among governmental officials concerning the use and abuse of controlled substances;

(2) Coordinate and cooperate in training programs concerning the enforcement of laws governing controlled substances at local and state levels;

(3) Cooperate with the bureau by establishing a centralized unit to accept, catalog, file and collect statistics including statistics regarding drug dependent persons and controlled substance law offenders within the commonwealth and make the information available for federal, state and local law enforcement purposes, provided that they shall not furnish the name or identity of a patient or research subject; and

(4) Conduct programs of eradication aimed at destroying wild or illicit growth of plant species from which controlled substances may be extracted.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015