General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 94C Controlled Substances Act - Section 6A Licensure of certain corporate entities with patients receiving opioid agonist therapy; best practice guidance for practitioners

  Section 6A. A corporate entity, other than a hospital or clinic licensed under section 51 of chapter 111 or an opioid treatment program licensed under chapter 111E, doing business in the commonwealth, which has more than 300 patients receiving treatment for opioid dependency in the form of opioid agonist therapy provided by physicians who are associated with the entity by contract, fee for service or other arrangement other than as members of the practice, shall be licensed by the department and shall comply with requirements established by the department to limit the diversion of opioid drugs and ensure patient safety.

  The department shall issue best practice guidance related to routine toxicology screenings, maximum take home dosages and behavioral health referrals for practitioners who provide opioid agonist therapy in the commonwealth. Practitioners shall adhere to said best practices promulgated by the department.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015