Michigan Compiled Laws § 408.213 Establishment Of Michigan Council On Technical Excellence Within Department Of Career Development; Terms And Conditions; Rescission Of Executive Order 1997-15; Abolishment Of Council For Career Preparation Standards.

408.213 Establishment of Michigan council on technical excellence within department of career development; terms and conditions; rescission of executive order 1997-15; abolishment of council for career preparation standards.

WHEREAS, it is necessary in the interests of efficient administration and effectiveness of government to effect changes in the organization of the Executive Branch of government; and

WHEREAS, the global marketplace is more competitive than ever; and

WHEREAS, to compete nationally and internationally and to maintain and enhance our standard of living, Michigan must have better prepared citizens than our competitors; and

WHEREAS, a state with a high skilled workforce will have a better chance to experience economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity; and

WHEREAS, Michigan faces a critical shortage of skilled workers in the high-demand, high-wage occupations necessary to sustain and expand our economy; and

WHEREAS, a world class education system, and in particular, a world class technical education, that helps to retain and attract skilled workers requires the involvement of business and industry to drive skill standards and the establishment of a credentialing system to ensure that standards are met; and

WHEREAS, the Council for Career Preparation Standards, which Executive Order 1997-15 created, is currently housed in the Department of Career Development; and

WHEREAS, most of the functions, duties and responsibilities assigned to the Council for Career Preparation Standards are currently being handled by other state departments.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John Engler, Governor of the state of Michigan, pursuant to the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the state of Michigan of 1963 and the laws of the state of Michigan, do hereby order the following:

1. The Michigan Council on Technical Excellence ("Council") is hereby established within the Department of Career Development on the following terms and conditions:

a. The Council shall consist of nine (9) members as follows:

The Chairperson of the Council shall be the Lieutenant Governor or his or her designee. One member shall include the Director of the Michigan Department of Career Development or his or her designee; and

Seven members, appointed by the Governor, representing business, labor and education.

b. With the exception of the Lieutenant Governor or his or her designee, and the Director of the Michigan Department of Career Development or his or her designee, each member shall serve for a term of three years, except that of the members first appointed, four shall be appointed for a term of two years, and three shall be appointed for a term of three years.

c. The Council is charged with the following responsibilities:

Work with voluntary partnerships formed from business, labor and education to identify the common knowledge and technical skills required to be a successful worker in major occupational areas within broad industry sectors. These skills will provide the basis for portable credentials which will indicate that secondary, post-secondary and adult learners have achieved specific competencies and can apply those competencies to particular industries and occupations.

Establish the Michigan Technical Excellence Program to certify existing and emerging secondary and post-secondary technical education programs for consistent quality throughout the state. Private technical training programs may also seek certification.

Recommend a system to award the Great Lakes Technical Certificate to individuals upon completion of approved programs.

Involve the Michigan Virtual University to support the Michigan Technical Excellence Program and Great Lakes Technical Certificate.

Work with the Council of Great Lakes Governors to establish portable credentials across the region as well as a skill standards database to improve information access and dissemination.

Establish a working relationship with the National Skills Standards Board in developing strategies consistent with the responsibilities of the Council.

2. All state departments, agencies, boards, commissions, or officers of the state shall cooperate and provide any necessary assistance required by the Council, or any member or representative thereof, in the performance of its duties. This shall include free access to any books, records or documents in the custody of the department, agency, board, commission, or officer that is within the scope of the inquiry, study or review of the Council.

3. Members of the Council shall not receive compensation, but may receive reimbursement for necessary travel and expenses for the performance of Council functions, based on relevant procedures of the Departments of Management and Budget and Civil Service rules and regulations.

4. The Council may promulgate bylaws, consistent with law and with this Executive Order, to govern its organization and procedure.

5. A majority of the serving members of the Council constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting, notwithstanding the existence of one (1) or more vacancies. Voting upon actions taken shall be conducted by a majority vote of the members present in person at a meeting or present by use of amplified telephonic equipment. The Council shall meet at the call of the chair and as may be provided in the bylaws of the Council. Meetings of the Council may be held anywhere within the state of Michigan.

6. All executive branch departments and agencies shall cooperate with the Council in the performance of its responsibilities. Departments and agencies shall make every effort to provide the Council with key staff and other means of support to assist in the performance of its duties.

7. The chair of the Council may hire or retain such contractors, sub-contractors, advisors, consultants and agents as the chair may deem advisable and necessary, in accordance with relevant procedures, statutes, rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission and the Department of Management and Budget, and may make and enter into contracts necessary or incidental to the exercise of the powers of and performance of the duties of the Council and the chair.

8. The Council may accept grants of funds and donations of funds, property, labor or other things of value from any department or office of the state of Michigan and the United States and from any other public or private office or person for the purpose of furthering the Council's purposes.

9. Executive Order 1997-15 is rescinded and the Council For Career Preparation Standards is abolished.

10. The invalidity of any portion of this Executive Order shall not affect the validity of the remainder thereof.

The provisions of this Executive Order shall become effective upon filing.

History: 2000, E.R.O. No. 2000-4, Eff. July 1, 2000
Constitutionality: For transfer of powers and duties of the department of career development, or its director, relating to the council on technical excellence to the director of department of labor and economic growth by Type III transfer, see E.R.O. No. 2003-1, compiled at MCL 445.2011.

Section: 408.213  

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