Michigan Compiled Laws § 445.905 Action To Restrain Defendant By Temporary Or Permanent Injunction; Venue; Costs; Civil Penalty; Notice To Defendant; Notice To Attorney General; Violation Of Injunction, Order, Decree, Or Judgment; Civil Fine; Retention Of Jurisdiction, Continuation Of Cause, And Petition For Recovery Of Civil Fine.

445.905 Action to restrain defendant by temporary or permanent injunction; venue; costs; civil penalty; notice to defendant; notice to attorney general; violation of injunction, order, decree, or judgment; civil fine; retention of jurisdiction, continuation of cause, and petition for recovery of civil fine.

Sec. 5.

(1) If the attorney general has probable cause to believe that a person has engaged, is engaging, or is about to engage in a method, act, or practice that is unlawful pursuant to section 3, and gives notice in accordance with this section, the attorney general may bring an action in accordance with principles of equity to restrain the defendant by temporary or permanent injunction from engaging in the method, act, or practice. The action may be brought in the circuit court of the county where the defendant is established or conducts business or, if the defendant is not established in this state, in the circuit court of Ingham county. The court may award costs to the prevailing party. For persistent and knowing violation of section 3 the court may assess the defendant a civil fine of not more than $25,000.00. For a violation of section 3(1)(kk), each performance or production is a separate violation.

(2) Unless waived by the court on good cause shown not less than 10 days before the commencement of an action under this section, the attorney general shall notify the person of his or her intended action and give the person an opportunity to cease and desist from the alleged unlawful method, act, or practice or to confer with the attorney general in person, by counsel, or by other representative as to the proposed action before the proposed filing date. The notice may be given the person by mail, postage prepaid, to his or her usual place of business or, if the person does not have a usual place of business, to his or her last known address, or, if the person is a corporation, only to a resident agent who is designated to receive service of process or to an officer of the corporation.

(3) A prosecuting attorney or law enforcement officer receiving notice of an alleged violation of this act, or of a violation of an injunction, order, decree, or judgment issued in an action brought pursuant to this section, or of an assurance under this act, shall immediately forward written notice of the violation together with any information he or she may have to the office of the attorney general.

(4) A person who knowingly violates the terms of an injunction, order, decree, or judgment issued pursuant to this section shall forfeit and pay to the state a civil fine of not more than $5,000.00 for each violation. For the purposes of this section, the court issuing an injunction, order, decree, or judgment shall retain jurisdiction, the cause shall be continued, and the attorney general may petition for recovery of a civil fine as provided by this section.

History: 1976, Act 331, Eff. Apr. 1, 1977 ;-- Am. 2006, Act 508, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 2006

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