Michigan Compiled Laws § 565.202 Affidavit; Contents.

565.202 Affidavit; contents.

Sec. 2.

The register of deeds shall, however, receive any such instrument for record, although the same does not comply with the requirements of this act: Provided, There is recorded therewith an affidavit of some person having personal knowledge of the facts, which affidavit shall be either printed or typewritten, shall comply with the requirements of this act, and shall state therein:

(a) The correct name of any person, the name of whom was not printed, typewritten or stamped upon such instrument as required by this act;

(b) In case such instrument does not comply with the requirements of paragraph (b) of section 1, the correct name of such person and shall state that each of the names used in such instrument refer to such person.

History: 1937, Act 103, Eff. Oct. 29, 1937 ;-- CL 1948, 565.202

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