Michigan Compiled Laws § 766.15 Certification And Return Of Examinations And Recognizances; Effect Of Refusing Or Neglecting To Return Examinations And Recognizances; Written Demand Or Motion To Prepare Or File Written Transcript Of Testimony Of Preliminary Examination; Listening To Electronically Recorded Testimony, Copy Of Recording Tape Or Disc, Or Stenographer's Notes.

766.15 Certification and return of examinations and recognizances; effect of refusing or neglecting to return examinations and recognizances; written demand or motion to prepare or file written transcript of testimony of preliminary examination; listening to electronically recorded testimony, copy of recording tape or disc, or stenographer's notes.

Sec. 15.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) or (3), all examinations and recognizances taken by a magistrate pursuant to this chapter shall be immediately certified and returned by the magistrate to the clerk of the court before which the party charged is bound to appear. If that magistrate refuses or neglects to return the same, the magistrate may be compelled immediately by order of the court, and in case of disobedience may be proceeded against as for a contempt by an order to show cause or a bench warrant.

(2) A written transcript of the testimony of a preliminary examination need not be prepared or filed except upon written demand of the prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, or defendant if the defendant is not represented by an attorney, or as ordered sua sponte by the trial court. A written demand to prepare and file a written transcript is timely made if filed within 2 weeks following the arraignment on the information or indictment. A copy of a demand to prepare and file a written transcript shall be filed with the trial court, all attorneys of record, and the court which held the preliminary examination. Upon sua sponte order of the trial court or timely written demand of an attorney, a written transcript of the preliminary examination or a portion thereof shall be prepared and filed with the trial court.

(3) If a written demand is not timely made as provided in subsection (2), a written transcript need not be prepared or filed except upon motion of an attorney or a defendant who is not represented by an attorney, upon cause shown, and when granting of the motion would not delay the start of the trial. When the start of the trial would otherwise be delayed, upon good cause shown to the trial court, in lieu of preparation of the transcript or a portion thereof, the trial court may direct that the defense and prosecution shall have an opportunity before trial to listen to any electronically recorded testimony, a copy of the recording tape or disc, or a stenographer's notes being read back.

History: 1927, Act 175, Eff. Sept. 5, 1927 ;-- CL 1929, 17207 ;-- CL 1948, 766.15 ;-- Am. 1978, Act 155, Eff. July 1, 1978
Former Law: See section 25 of Ch. 163 of R.S. 1846, being CL 1857, § 6001; CL 1871, § 7867; How., § 9478; CL 1897, § 11862; and CL 1915, § 15689.

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