Nevada Revised Statutes Section 90.780 - Business Associations - Securities - Commodities

Administrative files and records.

1. The Administrator shall keep a register of:

(a) All applications for licensing and registration under this chapter;

(b) All licenses and registration statements that become effective under this chapter;

(c) All disciplinary and enforcement orders issued and reports of investigation made under this chapter;

(d) All declaratory orders and rulings issued under this chapter; and

(e) All other orders issued under this chapter.

2. All records required to be maintained by subsection 1 may be maintained in any form of data storage.

3. Upon request, the Administrator shall certify under the State Seal a copy as being a true and correct copy of the records maintained by the office. The Administrator by regulation may establish reasonable charges for the furnishing or certifying of copies. In all courts and all proceedings under this chapter a copy so certified is prima facie evidence of the contents of the records certified.

Last modified: February 26, 2006