Nevada Revised Statutes Section 197.150 - Crimes and Punishments

Falsely auditing or paying claim. A public officer, or person holding or discharging the duties of any public office or place of trust under the State or in any county, town or city, a part of whose duty it is to audit, allow or pay, or take part in auditing, allowing or paying claims or demands upon the State or a county, town or city, who knowingly audits, allows or pays, or directly or indirectly consents to or in any way connives in the audit, allowance or payment of any claim or demand against the State, county, town or city, which is false or fraudulent or contains any charge, item or claim which is false or fraudulent, shall be punished:

1. Where the amount of the false or fraudulent charge, claim, item or demand is $250 or more, for a category D felony as provided in NRS 193.130. In addition to any other penalty, the court shall order the person to pay restitution.

2. Where the amount of the fraudulent charge, claim, item or demand is less than $250, for a misdemeanor.

Last modified: February 25, 2006