Nevada Revised Statutes Section 199.290 - Crimes and Punishments

Compounding crimes.

1. A person who asks or receives, directly or indirectly, any compensation, gratuity or reward, or any promise thereof, upon an agreement or understanding that he will compound or conceal a crime or violation of a statute, or abstain from testifying thereto, delay a prosecution therefor or withhold any evidence thereof, except in a case where a compromise is allowed by law, shall be punished:

(a) For a category D felony as provided in NRS 193.130.

(b) For a gross misdemeanor, where the agreement or understanding relates to a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor, or to a violation of statute for which a pecuniary penalty or forfeiture is prescribed.

2. In any proceeding against a person for compounding a crime, it is not necessary to prove that any person has been convicted of the crime or violation of statute in relation to which an agreement or understanding herein prohibited was made.

Last modified: February 25, 2006