Nevada Revised Statutes Section 200.377 - Crimes and Punishments

Victims of sexual assault: Legislative findings and declarations. The Legislature finds and declares that:

1. This State has a compelling interest in assuring that the victim of a sexual assault:

(a) Reports the assault to the appropriate authorities;

(b) Cooperates in the investigation and prosecution of the assault; and

(c) Testifies at the criminal trial of the person charged with committing the assault.

2. The fear of public identification and invasion of privacy are fundamental concerns for the victims of sexual assault. If these concerns are not addressed and the victims are left unprotected, the victims may refrain from reporting and prosecuting sexual assaults.

3. A victim of a sexual assault may be harassed, intimidated and psychologically harmed by a public report that identifies the victim. A sexual assault is, in many ways, a unique, distinctive and intrusive personal trauma. The consequences of identification are often additional psychological trauma and the public disclosure of private personal experiences.

4. Recent public criminal trials have focused attention on these issues and have dramatized the need for basic protections for the victims of sexual assault.

5. The public has no overriding need to know the individual identity of the victim of a sexual assault.

6. The purpose of NRS 200.3771 to 200.3774, inclusive, is to protect the victims of sexual assault from harassment, intimidation, psychological trauma and the unwarranted invasion of their privacy by prohibiting the disclosure of their identities to the public.

Last modified: February 25, 2006