Nevada Revised Statutes Section 201.070 - Crimes and Punishments

Evidence; husband and wife competent witnesses.

1. No other or greater evidence is required to prove the marriage of the husband and wife, or that the defendant is the father or mother of the child or children, than is required to prove such facts in a civil action.

2. In no prosecution under NRS 201.015 to 201.080, inclusive, does any existing statute or rule of law prohibiting the disclosure of confidential communications between husband and wife apply, and both husband and wife are competent witnesses to testify against each other to any and all relevant matters, including the fact of the marriage and the parentage of any child or children, but neither may be compelled to give evidence incriminating himself or herself.

3. Proof of the failure of the defendant to provide for the support of the spouse, child or children, is prima facie evidence that such failure was knowing.

Last modified: February 25, 2006