Nevada Revised Statutes Section 202.3677 - Crimes and Punishments

Application for renewal of permit; fees; demonstrated continued competence required.

1. If a permittee wishes to renew his permit, the permittee must complete and submit to the sheriff who issued the permit an application for renewal of the permit.

2. An application for the renewal of a permit must:

(a) Be completed and signed under oath by the applicant;

(b) Contain a statement that the applicant is eligible to receive a permit pursuant to NRS 202.3657; and

(c) Be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of $25.

If a permittee fails to renew his permit on or before the date of expiration of his permit, the application for renewal must include an additional nonrefundable late fee of $15.

3. No permit may be renewed pursuant to this section unless the permittee has demonstrated continued competence with a firearm by successfully completing a course prescribed by the sheriff renewing the permit.

Last modified: February 25, 2006