Nevada Revised Statutes Section 202.375 - Crimes and Punishments

Applicability of NRS 202.370 to 202.440, inclusive, to small weapons containing CS tear gas and to certain law enforcement, correctional and military personnel.

1. The provisions of NRS 202.370 to 202.440, inclusive, do not apply to the sale or purchase by any adult, or the possession or use by any person, including a minor but not including a convicted person as defined in NRS 179C.010, of any form of:

(a) Cartridge which contains not more than 2 fluid ounces in volume of CS tear gas that may be propelled by air or another gas, but not an explosive, in the form of an aerosol spray; or

(b) Weapon designed for the use of such a cartridge which does not exceed that size,

and which is designed and intended for use as an instrument of self-defense.

2. A seller, before delivering to a purchaser a cartridge or weapon which may be sold pursuant to subsection 1, must record and maintain for not less than 2 years the name and address of the purchaser and the brand name, model number or type, and serial number if there is one, of the weapon or cartridge, or both.

3. The provisions of NRS 202.370 to 202.440, inclusive, do not prohibit police departments or regular salaried peace officers thereof, sheriffs and their regular salaried deputies, the Director, deputy director and superintendents of, and guards employed by, the Department of Corrections, personnel of the Nevada Highway Patrol or the military or naval forces of this state or of the United States from purchasing, possessing or transporting any shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons for official use in the discharge of their duties.

4. As used in this section, CS tear gas means a crystalline powder containing ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile.

Last modified: February 25, 2006