Nevada Revised Statutes Section 202.440 - Crimes and Punishments

License for retail sale of bombs or weapons; conditions. The sheriff of any county may also grant licenses in a form to be prescribed by him, effective for not more than 1 year from the date of issuance, to permit the sale at retail, at the place specified in the license, of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons, and to permit the installation and maintenance of protective systems involving the use of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons, subject to the following conditions, upon breach of any of which the license shall be subject to forfeiture:

1. Such business shall be carried on only in the building designated in the license.

2. Such license or certified copy thereof must be displayed on the premises in a place where it may easily be read.

3. No such shell, cartridge, bomb or weapon shall be delivered to any person not authorized to possess or transport the same under the provisions of NRS 202.370 to 202.440, inclusive. No protective system involving the use of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons shall be installed, nor shall supplies be sold for the maintenance of such system, unless the licensee has personal knowledge of the existence of a valid permit for the operation and maintenance of such system.

4. A complete record must be kept of sales made under the authority of the license, showing the name and address of the purchaser, the quantity and description of the articles purchased, together with the serial number, if any, the number and date of issue of the purchaserís permit, and the signature of the purchaser or purchasing agent. No sale shall be made unless the permit authorizing possession and transportation of shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons is displayed to the seller and the information herein required is copied therefrom. This record shall be open to the inspection of any peace officer or other person designated by the sheriff.

Last modified: February 25, 2006