Nevada Revised Statutes Section 205.132 - Crimes and Punishments

Issuance of check or draft without sufficient money or credit: Presumptions of intent to defraud and knowledge of insufficiency; malice in causing prosecution.

1. In a criminal action for issuing a check or draft against insufficient or no funds with intent to defraud, that intent and the knowledge that the drawer has insufficient money, property or credit with the drawee is presumed to exist if:

(a) The instrument is drawn on a purported account which does not exist.

(b) Payment of the instrument is refused by the drawee when it is presented in the usual course of business, unless within 5 days after receiving notice of this fact from the drawee or the holder, the drawer pays the holder of the instrument the full amount due plus any handling charges.

(c) Notice of refusal of payment, sent to the drawer by registered or certified mail at an address printed or written on the instrument, is returned because of nondelivery.

2. If a complainant causes a criminal action to be commenced for issuing a check or draft with intent to defraud and refuses to testify in the action, he is presumed to have acted maliciously and without probable cause.

Last modified: February 25, 2006