Nevada Revised Statutes Section 205.175 - Crimes and Punishments

Counterfeiting seals; forgery of signatures of public officers; sale or possession of counterfeit badge or identification of law enforcement agency.

1. A person who:

(a) Fraudulently forges or counterfeits the Seal of this State, or the seal of any court or public officer by law entitled to have and use a seal, or the seal of any corporation, and makes use of the seal;

(b) Forges or counterfeits the signature of any public officer, or seal of any corporation;

(c) Unlawfully and corruptly, and with evil intent, affixes a true seal to any commission, deed, warrant, pardon, certificate or other writing; or

(d) Has in his possession or custody a counterfeit seal, and willfully conceals it, knowing it to be falsely made and counterfeited,

is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

2. A person who manufactures or knowingly sells or possesses a counterfeit badge or identification of any law enforcement agency is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Last modified: February 25, 2006