Nevada Revised Statutes Section 205.467 - Crimes and Punishments

Notice to persons accepted into program.

1. After the acceptance of a person to the program for restitution, a notice must be sent by registered or certified mail to that person by a representative of the program.

2. The notice must contain:

(a) The date and amount of the check or draft the person is alleged to have drawn or passed;

(b) The name of the payee;

(c) The date before which the person must contact the designated representative of the program concerning the check or draft;

(d) A demand for full restitution of the face amount of the check or draft and any fees authorized pursuant to NRS 205.469 and 205.471; and

(e) A statement that failure to pay restitution and fees may result in criminal prosecution.

Last modified: February 25, 2006