Nevada Revised Statutes Section 205.469 - Crimes and Punishments

Agreement to suspend prosecution of person accepted into program: Entry; conditions; completion.

1. The district attorney may enter into an agreement with a person accepted to the program for restitution to suspend prosecution for a period to be determined by the district attorney, but in no case to exceed 6 months, pending the following:

(a) Completion by the person of a class conducted by the district attorney, his designee or a private entity under contract with the district attorney, which offers instruction in dealing with a checking account and developing a budget;

(b) Payment by the person of the fee required to participate in the class;

(c) Full restitution made to the alleged victim; and

(d) Full payment of the fee authorized by NRS 205.471, if required.

2. As additional consideration for the agreement, the district attorney shall agree not to file criminal charges if the person accepted to the program completes the conditions of the agreement.

Last modified: February 25, 2006