Nevada Revised Statutes Section 205.980 - Crimes and Punishments

Determination of value of loss from crime; notice to victim; order of restitution deemed judgment to collect damages.

1. A person who is convicted of violating any provision of NRS 205.060 or 205.2175 to 205.2707, inclusive, is civilly liable for the value of any property stolen and not recovered in its original condition. The value of the property must be determined by its retail value or fair market value at the time the crime was committed, whichever is greater.

2. A person who is convicted of any other crime involving damage to property is civilly liable for the amount of damage done to the property.

3. The prosecutor shall notify the victim concerning the disposition of the criminal charges against the defendant within 30 days after the disposition. The notice must be sent to the last known address of the victim.

4. An order of restitution signed by the judge in whose court the conviction was entered shall be deemed a judgment against the defendant for the purpose of collecting damages.

5. Nothing in this section prohibits a victim from recovering additional damages from the defendant.

Last modified: February 25, 2006