Nevada Revised Statutes Section 206.015 - Crimes and Punishments

Destruction or damage of crops, gardens, trees or shrubs. Every person who willfully and maliciously:

1. Cuts down, destroys or injures, other than by burning, any wood, timber, grain, grass or crop, standing or growing, or which has been cut down and is lying upon the lands of another, or of the State;

2. Cuts down, laps, girdles or otherwise injures or destroys, other than by burning, a fruit, shade or ornamental tree standing on the land of another, or of the State, or in any road or street; or

3. Cuts down, destroys or in any way injures, other than by burning, any shrub, tree, vine or garden produce grown or growing within any orchard, garden, vineyard or yard, or any framework or erection therein,

is guilty of a public offense proportionate to the value of the loss resulting therefrom.

Last modified: February 25, 2006