Nevada Revised Statutes Section 129.090 - Domestic Relations

Petition: Contents; fees.

1. A petition filed pursuant to NRS 129.080 must be in writing, verified by the petitioner and set forth:

(a) The name, age and address of the minor;

(b) The names and addresses of the parents of the minor;

(c) The name and address of any legal guardian of the minor;

(d) If no parent or guardian can be found, the name and address of the childís nearest known relative residing within this state;

(e) Facts relating to the minorís education, employment, and length of residence apart from his parents or guardian;

(f) That the minor willingly lives apart from his parents or legal guardian with the consent or acquiescence of his parents or legal guardian;

(g) That the minor is managing his own financial affairs;

(h) That the source of the minorís income is not derived from any activity declared to be a crime by the laws of this state or the United States; and

(i) That the minor is attending school or has been excused from attending school pursuant to NRS 392.040 to 392.125, inclusive.

2. If any of the facts required by subsection 1 are not known, the petition must so state.

3. For filing the petition, the clerk of the district court shall charge the fees prescribed by law for the commencement of civil actions or proceedings generally.

Last modified: February 25, 2006