Nevada Revised Statutes Section 130.304 - Domestic Relations

Duties of initiating tribunal.

1. Upon the filing of a petition authorized by this chapter, an initiating tribunal of this state shall forward three copies of the petition and its accompanying documents:

(a) To the responding tribunal or appropriate support-enforcement agency in the responding state; or

(b) If the identity of the responding tribunal is unknown, to the state information agency of the responding state with a request that they be forwarded to the appropriate tribunal and that receipt be acknowledged.

2. If a responding state has not enacted the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act or a law or procedure substantially similar to that Act, a tribunal of this state may issue a certificate or other document and make findings required by the law of the responding state. If the responding state is a foreign jurisdiction, the tribunal may specify the amount of support sought and provide other documents necessary to satisfy the requirements of the responding state.

Last modified: February 25, 2006