Nevada Revised Statutes Section 704.773 - Energy - Public Utilities

Utility required to offer net metering to customer-generators within service area; utility required to make available certain energy meters to customer-generators; conditions for installation of additional meters; certain fees and charges prohibited.

1. A utility shall offer net metering, as set forth in NRS 704.775, to the customer-generators operating within its service area.

2. A utility:

(a) Shall offer to make available to each of its customer-generators who has accepted its offer for net metering an energy meter that is capable of registering the flow of electricity in two directions.

(b) May, at its own expense and with the written consent of the customer-generator, install one or more additional meters to monitor the flow of electricity in each direction.

(c) Shall not charge a customer-generator any fee or charge that would increase the customer-generatorís minimum monthly charge to an amount greater than that of other customers of the utility in the same rate class as the customer-generator.

Last modified: February 26, 2006