Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433.444 - Mental Health

Reciprocal agreement for returning clients to legal residence; investigation and report concerning residence.

1. For the purpose of facilitating the return of nonresident clients to the state in which they have legal residence, the Administrator may enter into reciprocal agreements, consistent with the provisions of this title, with the proper boards, commissioners or officers of other states for the mutual exchange of clients confined in, admitted or committed to a mental health or mental retardation facility in one state whose legal residence is in the other, and may give written permission for the return and admission to a division facility of any resident of this state when such permission is conformable to the provisions of this title governing admissions to a division facility.

2. The county clerk and board of county commissioners of each county, upon receiving notice from the Administrator that an application for the return of an alleged resident of this state has been received, shall promptly investigate and report to the Administrator their findings as to the legal residence of the client.

Last modified: February 27, 2006